Core Protein is a Texas based corporation and is currently in the site selection process for our first US based production facility in partnership with Unibio. The location of our first 60,000 ton per annum facility will provide ready access low cost natural gas and the world export market as well as the ability to eventually address the US animal feed market which accounts for 27% of world production and the US based pet food production market which accounts for 97% of global production.

Our preferred location is TGS Cedar Port Industrial Park. See video above for an overview.

Located adjacent to Baytown, TX, TGS Cedar Port Industrial Park is the largest master-planned rail-and-barge-served industrial park in the USA. TGS Cedar Port Industrial Park spans 15,000 acres, with over 10,000 acres available for development. The park is an ideal location for light or heavy industrial use, manufacturing of all types, waterfront operations, and warehouse/distribution operations.

To learn more about TGS Cedar Port Industrial Park, visit their website: