Our mission is to produce Protein to help meet the worldwide demand for an increasingly scarce although essential nutrient by utilizing technology that will benefit the environment, consumers, and producers by disrupting the protein value chain.

Core Protein® has secured the exclusive license to produce Uniprotein® in the United States.

Food and agriculture (agribusiness) have massive economic, social, and environmental implications — the estimated $5+ trillion industry represents approximately 10 percent of global consumer spending, 40+ percent of employment, and approximately 30 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions. Over the past decades, significant productivity improvements and newer technologies have enabled an abundant food supply in many parts of the world, however feeding the global population, a critical issue, has become even more complicated in recent years.

The world needs sustainable solutions to food challenges of the century. Our goal is to become a leading producer of methane based products, such as our highly concentrated Single Cell, UniProtein® by supplying a premium ingredient to the global nutrition market while supporting environmentally friendly production methods.

Core Protein® is utilizing proven and patented technology from Unibio that enables highly scalable production of protein with a game changing bio-industrial technology that converts methane into a highly concentrated Single Cell Protein (“SCP”). We are replicating a natural cycle in an industrial framework where the process is completely controlled and therefore eliminating the variables inherent to the same process as it occurs naturally.

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