The production of UniProtein has great benefits for the environment, consumers & producers.

Climate-Smart Food Production

  • Sustainable production (CO2 neutral; no waste; no pesticide or herbicide use)
  • Reduced dependency on non-sustainable protein sources (oceans, arable land)
  • More efficient use of natural resources (natural gas, land and clean water)
  • Additional benefits (turning “fuel into food”; less nitrate in animal excrement)

Food Safety & Health

  • Industrially produced through an accelerated process commonly occurring in nature.
  • Consistent supply and product quality with high storage stability
  • Good binding power related to (compound feed) pellet production
  • Regular supplies with low price volatility (compared to fishmeal, soy)
  • Sterile, infection free, non-toxic, non-GMO, non-polluted source
  • High protein content (70%+) includes all essential amino acids
  • Positive immune effect: healthier growth patterns & less medication needed for animals fed with UniProtein (cleaner food chain)
  • No negative side effects of consumption (compared to soy protein)