What We Do

We are a specialty investment company offering customized, structured finance solutions for growth capital, working capital, capital for acquisitions, project finance and other complex finance opportunities. We focus on companies facing challenging situations that are difficult for a traditional capital provider to address, typically due to credit, asset complexity or timing issues. We operate where the expertise and experience in structuring, executing and providing capital to traditional and non-traditional companies is highly valued.

We believe success in business is based on operational expertise, work ethic, strong character and close cooperation with portfolio investment companies and partners. We value our reputation and strong competitive position as a responsive and creative capital provider. We work to provide our limited partners, institutional funding partners, employees and clients with an exceptional experience in an environment that is conducive to teamwork and professional growth. We pride ourselves on listening to the management’s goals and working to meet their expectations while managing to our goal of risk adjusted returns.

How We Work

Investment Process:

  1. We meet and asses the quality of management. For us it’s people first.
  2. We conduct a detailed credit analysis of the underlying business and the impact of the desired solution on the post-closing balance sheet.
  3. We conduct a detailed operational analysis of the business and management team’s assumptions for future growth and/or any future catalyst to generate cash flow to meet the projected growth provided by the company.
  4. We research the industry to develop a clear understanding of the macro environment that the company operates in with an emphasis on competitive and cyclical dynamics.

Operating Guidelines:

  • We operate as a principal investor, as well as through partnerships and co-investments with our institutional partners.
  • We seek to partner with entrepreneurs, business owners and management teams.
  • We generally provide a “one stop” capital solution and/or capital alternatives to companies.
  • We do not limit ourselves to traditional asset classes or to any particular part of the capital structure and we consider a much wider array of investment opportunities.
  • We move much faster than traditional capital providers. We have no Board of Directors, no layers of committees, no public shareholders, no bureaucracy, and no ‘box’ to confine us.
  • We are the decision makers. You will be dealing directly with us, and as such, have direct access to our thinking and expertise.
  • We can quickly assess your needs and make a rapid decision as to whether or not we can assist and address your business needs.
  • We provide an excellent customer experience while maintaining cooperative professional relationships with partners and management teams.

Success Factors:

  • We believe our success is based on teaming with a qualified management with operational expertise, values, work ethic and strong character that together fosters cooperation and transparency.
  • We analyze each investment on its own merits, adapting as the business evolves.
  • We couple funding closely to the progress of each new business.
  • We focus on the speed of the business progress versus on a predefined calendar.
  • Our performance objectives are designed to emphasize measurable progress on whether or not the business plan is gaining traction and the company is improving their financial metrics.
  • We are relentless in pushing the pace and promoting growth.
  • We ensure that simple governance and response procedures are in place, as well as mechanisms to allow course correction when experiments miss the mark.
  • We have a flexible model to allow the movement of resources and funds, as may be required to take advantage of promising developments and to address key issues quickly that will, in combination, accelerate the business plan.
  • We hold check-ins with management regularly to review expectations and clear governance.
  • We may delay or not release additional capital until the investment project reaches pre-agreed milestones and there is a clear path to bringing the business back into focus.
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