Decoupling protein production from fishing & farming

Protein is an increasingly scarce, though essential nutrient, the production of which is increasingly fraught with environmental issues. Unibio has developed a technology that disrupts this traditional protein value chain while mitigating the traditional challenges.

  • Animal proteins contain all the essential amino acids
  • Human diet: meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products
  • Livestock/ fish diet: animal by-product meal, fish meal
  • Production issues: land use, overfishing, impact on environment
  • No single source contains all of the essential amino acids
  • Human diet: legumes, cereals, beans, pulses, grains, nuts, seeds, soya products
  • Livestock/fish diet: soybean meal, oil meal crops, legumes, by-products
  • Production issues: land use, impact on environment
  • Protein extracted from bacteria through a fermentation process creates Single Cell Protein (SCP)
  • No competition with any human food sources
  • Can be modified by varying the amino acid composition (but is still non-GMO)
  • Production: low land requirement, ecologically beneficial, consistent quality (independent of seasonal and climatic variations)