Conversion of methane (CH₄) to biomass (”protein”) occurs in nature

Step 1: Natural gas (methane) occurrence

  • Leaves and dead fish fall to the lake floor
  • Over time the material decomposes, and a natural gas, high in methane, is produced

Step 2: Methane is eaten by bacteria

  • The methane is released into the water and passes through a certain level of water containing minerals and oxygen
  • The bacteria, Methylococcus capsulatus, then eat the methane, minerals and oxygen, thus evolving in size and number and becoming rich in protein

Step 3: Bacteria become protein-rich

  • Ultimately, the fish and other animals in the lake will eat these bacteria as a source of protein
  • The technology provided by Unibio imitates this environment
  • By removing liquid, the bacteria turns into biomass